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Thursday, December 2, 2010

~Happy Holidays To All~

Just stopping to say "Hi" to my prim pals and hope you all are enjoying the season. This is my most favorite holiday of the year :)

~Holiday Pics around the Homestead~

Bailey under the Christmas tree in the living room which is decorated with vintage glass ornaments. 
Bailey loves lying under the trees!!! :)
If you click on picture and enlarge you can see she is already there right after put up and before I could even sweep up the sheds..........artificial tree and still messy!!!

~The Twiggy Tree~
I am in the process of decorating the twiggy tree in the sun room which was purchased this past Summer on a yard sale junkin' adventure for $20. The tree was intially going to be displayed at our craft booth but there is really not enough room there! 
So here it is and I am in the process of decorating it.............right now it has some homemade prim snow guys on it and a few vintage kitchen utensils.
I am hoping to make some homespun garland for it???

~A few new prim items~

This is a bread board gotten this past Summer that my husband added legs onto it to make it a table riser!!!
Old 2 gallon jug bought at Spies Farms Antiques.

 Also purchased at Spies Farms an old free standing ladder........not sure but I think it was used to dry herbs. I have used it to hang some kitchen linens upon it.
Got this old cupboard also at Spies Farms Antiques. When I first brought it home my husband said it would make good firewood and I almost believed him...........it was very dirty and needed a good cleaning. After cleaning up and dragging it into my sun room......I placed the grapevine tree atop of it and well I just love it :)
Right now there is an old basket on the bottom but my plan is to place some of my old quilts below but not sure???..........It used to have a door on it but over time it disappeared and all that is left is just some of the old hardware.
I really wish there was more time to sit here at my computer and visit with all my prim pals but always so much going on! So if I don't get the chance I wanted to wish.............

~Happy Holidays to All~

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Transformations

It's been awhile since I've blogged and I miss being here and seeing what everyone is up to.........but just been a busy-busy Summer and now that Autumn is here it seems to prove the same!!! My husband has been creating a lot of wooden wares to sell but I begged and pleaded with him to PLEASE make us a new computer cupboard to make our kitchen area look much better and keep my favorite PRIMITIVE continuity throughout the homestead. He created a beautiful cupboard that when closed is well.......BEAUTIFUL!!!
Here is a before photo of the computer mess-I am almost ashamed to post it:
 Pretty Ugly-Right???
Admit it!!!

 The carpenter hard at work!!!

 All it needs is paint and distressing!!!

 Sanding and distressing after the paint has dried.

 Opened up still kind of ugly (talking about the inside stuff) but much better than before!!!

 Ta Da!!!.............so much better
Love it!!!

We also had some other transformations in our life. My son Ryan decided to help some Monarch Butterflies get their start. Here are some photos of their awesome transformation process or metamorphosis!!!
Hungry caterpillars eating their favorite milkweed leaves.
They are eating and pooping machines!!!

Here they are in their beautiful jade green chrysalis. Can you see the shiny gold ring on the chrysalis in the fore front and the shiny gold spots? 
"Chrysalis" means 'object of gold. This is actually how the Monarch got their name.  American colonists noticed this adornment, which looked like the crown of a king.  I have read that nobody knows the function of  these gold spots???
They are beautiful!
I feel bad because I didn't snap a photo of the caterpillar hanging  in it's pre-chrysalis "J" shape before turning into the jade green chrysalis.

Here is a photo of the chrysalis before the butterfly emerges. The chrysalis turns clear and you can see the Monarch Butterfly squeezed inside. No wonder it wants to come out. And then suddenly................

A Monarch is Born!!!
See the jade green chrysalis in the background and the clear empty ones that have already hatched out their beautiful butterflies!!!

Ryan says.......
"Time to fly South beautiful butterfly and continue your life cycle!!!"

Hope I didn't bore you???
Wishing you an Awesome Autumn!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Historic Lyme Village

Summer is getting ready to make it's exit soon and school is starting this week. Looking forward to Fall time and the cooler temperatures. Also looking forward to all the great festivals this Fall-Like the Backwoods Festival and the Prairie Peddler Festival!!!

We did get up to Norhtern Ohio and Lake Erie a couple weekends ago.  I love, love, love old historic places and we made a stop at Lyme Village in Bellevue Ohio before heading up to the lake. 
Thought I would share a few photos from our visit.
Love the old stuff!!!

Historic Lyme Village
Historic Lyme Village depicts life in the Firelands from the arrival of the first settlers, in the early 1800’s, to the early 1900’s. 
Located 4 miles east of Bellevue, Ohio. Historic Lyme Village is operated by the volunteers of the Historic Lyme Village Association.
Among the buildings in the village is the John Wright Mansion. This Second Empire Victorian Home was build between 1880 and 1882 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The John Seymour House, an 1836 Greek Revival House, was used as a stop on the Underground Railroad. The village is home to 14 other 19th Century buildings including log homes, barns, one room school, general store, town hall, and the Detterman Log Church.
The village is also home to the Schug Hardware Museum and the National Postmark Collectors Museum and Research Center.

Built in the 1860’s in Oxford Twp., Erie Co.  Used as a school until 1935.  Moved to the Village in 1991.

Spinning and weaving exhibits, demonstrations - Rev. Roy B. Leedy flax working equipment collection.  Moved to Village in 1979 from Seneca County.

A two story structure built about 1830 as a tavern with the family living quarters on the second floor.  Moved to the Village from west of Fremont in 1981.

Carpenter gothic board and batten barn with louvered windows.  Contains antique farm equipment exhibits.  Moved in 1983 from W. Main St., Bellevue.

Family Homestead for 112 yrs. (1836-1948) - Built in 1836, the home is one of the oldest remaining on Strongs Ridge (Rt. 113) - Moved in 1976 to prevent demolition, it was the first building in the Village.  

Some photos of the house-Love the old stuff

My kids in the kitchen :)

I love this rocking horse!

I love this coverlet too!!!

Second Empire style brick home built 1880-1882.  Listed on the National Register of Historic Homes.

I snapped a few photos in here too and it was beautiful and very Victorian inside but I have to admit I took more in the Seymour House because it was more primitive-the way I like it!

Loved the Quilts

Well I hope I did not bore you with all my pictures and I'll try not to do it again???  
No guarantees!!!

Blessings and Hope your Weekend is going Great! 


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