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Thursday, December 2, 2010

~Happy Holidays To All~

Just stopping to say "Hi" to my prim pals and hope you all are enjoying the season. This is my most favorite holiday of the year :)

~Holiday Pics around the Homestead~

Bailey under the Christmas tree in the living room which is decorated with vintage glass ornaments. 
Bailey loves lying under the trees!!! :)
If you click on picture and enlarge you can see she is already there right after put up and before I could even sweep up the sheds..........artificial tree and still messy!!!

~The Twiggy Tree~
I am in the process of decorating the twiggy tree in the sun room which was purchased this past Summer on a yard sale junkin' adventure for $20. The tree was intially going to be displayed at our craft booth but there is really not enough room there! 
So here it is and I am in the process of decorating it.............right now it has some homemade prim snow guys on it and a few vintage kitchen utensils.
I am hoping to make some homespun garland for it???

~A few new prim items~

This is a bread board gotten this past Summer that my husband added legs onto it to make it a table riser!!!
Old 2 gallon jug bought at Spies Farms Antiques.

 Also purchased at Spies Farms an old free standing ladder........not sure but I think it was used to dry herbs. I have used it to hang some kitchen linens upon it.
Got this old cupboard also at Spies Farms Antiques. When I first brought it home my husband said it would make good firewood and I almost believed him...........it was very dirty and needed a good cleaning. After cleaning up and dragging it into my sun room......I placed the grapevine tree atop of it and well I just love it :)
Right now there is an old basket on the bottom but my plan is to place some of my old quilts below but not sure???..........It used to have a door on it but over time it disappeared and all that is left is just some of the old hardware.
I really wish there was more time to sit here at my computer and visit with all my prim pals but always so much going on! So if I don't get the chance I wanted to wish.............

~Happy Holidays to All~


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