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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Transformations

It's been awhile since I've blogged and I miss being here and seeing what everyone is up to.........but just been a busy-busy Summer and now that Autumn is here it seems to prove the same!!! My husband has been creating a lot of wooden wares to sell but I begged and pleaded with him to PLEASE make us a new computer cupboard to make our kitchen area look much better and keep my favorite PRIMITIVE continuity throughout the homestead. He created a beautiful cupboard that when closed is well.......BEAUTIFUL!!!
Here is a before photo of the computer mess-I am almost ashamed to post it:
 Pretty Ugly-Right???
Admit it!!!

 The carpenter hard at work!!!

 All it needs is paint and distressing!!!

 Sanding and distressing after the paint has dried.

 Opened up still kind of ugly (talking about the inside stuff) but much better than before!!!

 Ta Da!!!.............so much better
Love it!!!

We also had some other transformations in our life. My son Ryan decided to help some Monarch Butterflies get their start. Here are some photos of their awesome transformation process or metamorphosis!!!
Hungry caterpillars eating their favorite milkweed leaves.
They are eating and pooping machines!!!

Here they are in their beautiful jade green chrysalis. Can you see the shiny gold ring on the chrysalis in the fore front and the shiny gold spots? 
"Chrysalis" means 'object of gold. This is actually how the Monarch got their name.  American colonists noticed this adornment, which looked like the crown of a king.  I have read that nobody knows the function of  these gold spots???
They are beautiful!
I feel bad because I didn't snap a photo of the caterpillar hanging  in it's pre-chrysalis "J" shape before turning into the jade green chrysalis.

Here is a photo of the chrysalis before the butterfly emerges. The chrysalis turns clear and you can see the Monarch Butterfly squeezed inside. No wonder it wants to come out. And then suddenly................

A Monarch is Born!!!
See the jade green chrysalis in the background and the clear empty ones that have already hatched out their beautiful butterflies!!!

Ryan says.......
"Time to fly South beautiful butterfly and continue your life cycle!!!"

Hope I didn't bore you???
Wishing you an Awesome Autumn!!!


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