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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Sampling of Samplers

~A Collection of Samplers~

Some old, some new, 
some I've sold.
Some reproduced on paper and others proudly stitched
"With a Silken Thread So Fine
This Is How I Spend My Time
Needle Poised, Fabric Taut
Stitching Samplers
Deftly Wrought"
**I Love Samplers**


Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy New Year

Just stopping by to say "Hi" and a Happy New Year. Hoping everyone survived the holidays???? 
For me they  came and went by so super fast and I just love Christmastime!
Large Primitive Jelly Cupboard
Had to show off my Christmas present I got myself!!! 
I find that buying your own present usually assures that you won't be disappointed!!! lol 
But it's true!!!
I found this old jewel at The Berlin Village Antique Mall in Berlin Ohio while doing some shopping before Christmas. I had not been to this shop for quite awhile. I remember this cupboard was there about a year ago and was amazed it was still there and priced very modest...............Oh well maybe I have weird tastes???
I told the man working there that I could not believe it was still there and he said the dealer was thinking about taking it and painting it and I was shocked.  Nooooooooo please leave it in it's original condition!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well I could not let anything bad happen to this prim piece so by Christmas it was mine!!!!
I am using it as my craft and sewing cupboard!  

Oh and here is the cover my husband made me to cover up my sewing machine when not in use.
I really like it and think it is a beautiful cover-up!!! 

Well enough of my exciting finds!!!
I am trying to enjoy this winter weather and enjoying the simple pleasures of the season.
Such as........
Perfect Little Snowflakes
 Perfectly shaped starry snowflakes (or more like snow pellets) and no bigger than a speck!!!
Amazing to me :)  
Found them on my back doorstep!
~Great Primitives~ 
Please Read Below........
For  all those who have the chance to visit Ohio and love awesome primitives this is a must...........Seville Antiques!!! I had never been there before and drove there after Christmas. It was not to far  from home.........just about an hour and half away.The items there will have you slobbering, well that is if you are into great old and original primitives. 
The shop is located in Seville Ohio and here is a link to it's website.  Even the photo gallery on the site will have you slobbering!!!
Take a peak 8)
Everything there was just beautiful.
I ended up buying an 1800's  coverlet and an old dough board. Just gorgeous stuff!!!
Sorry I do not have photos of the two items but may have to do another post????

Our Booth at The Berlin Craft Mall
Lastly got to the craft booth today and took a few new (old) items there. An old firkin, some crockery bowls and an old slip with a beautiful crocheted lace edging!

~~~and again my wish for you...............



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