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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Primitive Wooden Wares

Some new wooden wares crafted by my husband.
Toaster Cover-open in the back to slide over your toaster and hide it when not in use.

Grungy Burgundy Wall Cupboard

Noodle Board/Stove Top Cover
Table Top Pie Safe 
The above items are all his original designs . He can custom craft them in any size or color.
If you are interested just send me an email:

Prim Blessings

Have a Great Week

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Adventure

I got up to Amish Country again Saturday. Me, the hubby, the kids and Mom. My Mom enjoys going with us and getting out of her apartment. She has always had her own place but downsized to a small apartment last year.  She complains that it does not have enough windows and with all this hot weather we have been having here and her air conditioner running all the time she has been feeling closed in. 
We took the back roads and it was a beautiful day. Lots of Amish farmers hauling and making hay. Wouldn't you know I forgot to bring my camera. Forgetful............isn't that a sign of old age?????
Besides getting an awesome meal (We ate at Grandma's Homestead Restaurant in Charm, Ohio), we also went to a few of the craft malls around Berlin, Ohio. We went to see if we could set up a booth to sale some of the hubby's wooden wares!

Thought I would show some of the goodies picked up along the way:

 This sign was to go over the living room window but it looked too busy there so I placed it over the front entrance door.

 I got this strainer at a craft mall which had a few booths that had some antiques in them.

I found this Rockingham sponge bowl at the Berlin Antique Mall next to the Berlin Craft Mall. I already have one but had to have another. 
Love this ware!

Found this roll top bread box at the Sol's Exchange Craft Mall for around $16.00. Love it and thinking about distressing it more. Don't know if I will keep or resell???

.......and last I had to get a picture of Louie who happened to be looking cute , so I snapped a shot!  He did not come from Amish Country!!!! We have had him for I believe 3 years now. He came from a  home where his owners abandoned him. He has quite the personality and thinks he is the King of our home!!!

Prim Blessings

Have a Beautiful Week

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

~New Goodies for Sale~

I have been a little busy the past days but thought I would post some new goodies my husband has been working on!
 Table Top Pie Safe painted in Olde Pewter

 Toaster Cover

 Small Tool Caddy patterned after one I bought in Amish Country

 Noodle Board/Stove Cover

 Coffee Maker Cover
................and there are more goodies in the works.
The above items are all his original designs. He can custom craft them in any size or color.
If you are interested just send me an email:
I stopped at my booth at the Antique Mall and did some rearranging with my booth and ended up buying the little bench above while I was there.
I just love it!!!

Prim Blessings
Have a Nice Week

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Trip to Amish Country

It was  sunny the other day and not having to many of those lately......well  I just had to get out of the house . Took some pics along the way!
It was a beautiful day and the clouds were big and fluffy!!!

Great scenery
Good Eats
With some other sweet goodies to tempt you!

 .....and lastly a stop at the Antique Mall


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Follow Me To eBay-New Goodies Posted

Just posting some things on eBay.
My husband has been busy crafting away

Just a follow-up-No items at this time (07-06-10) are listed on eBay. We are selling items at the Berlin Craft Mall.

The above items are all his original designs excluding the cutting board in the last picture.  He can custom craft them in any size or color.
If you are interested just send me an email:



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