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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Beautiful Historic Town of Zoar Ohio

The Beautiful Town of Zoar Ohio 
August 4th 2012 

The Harvest Festival and Antique Show and Sale 
Thought I would share some of the photos I took of this wonderful quaint little historic town 
 The Bimeler Cabin
circa 1817
The Garden House in the background and Gardens
Zeeb's Cabin
circa 1817

The Zoar Hotel
circa 1833
 The Keeping Room Bed and Breakfast
& Antiques in The Wash House
The Cider Mill of Zoar
Gift Shop and Bed and Breakfast
circa 1863
Cute Sheep inside The Cider Mill
Private Residence
circa 1820's
The Bauer Haus
Private Residence and Antique Shop
Outside of the Bauer Haus
The School  House in Zoar
circa 1868
Some antiques for sale inside the school house
The Zoar School
The first School in Zoar
circa 1830
The village of Zoar was founded in 1817 by German religious dissenters as a communal society and represents “an exceptional historic way of life.” Few such settlements in the U.S. are as well preserved as Zoar and have such distinctive architectural and historic features. It is of exceptional value in illustrating the heritage of our nation. Zoar is a national treasure enjoyed by thousands of Americans every year.

Historic Village of Zoar Placed on Endangered Historic Site List... 

It is #11 on America's Most Endangered Historic Places 

see link below to learn more:


and here is a link to The Zoar Community Association :

.....and finally here is a photo of the pie safe along with the butter churn on top that we bought at The Cider Mill of Zoar while we were visiting :)

Summer will soon be coming to a close-Looking forward to a beautiful Autumn
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