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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vacation Time

 Enjoying vacation time and have some photos to share. Wow started out last week and got my premiere issue of A Primitive Place magazine. Lots of great inspiration, eye candy and tutorials in there!!! 
We headed up to our booth in Amish country and did some rearranging and we have been making some great sales and very happy about that. My husband has sold 4 of his 5 noodleboard/stove covers there!!! 
Great News!!!

Our Booth
Took a few pics along the way to Amish country........just couldn't resist!

Holmes County, OH
 We went Yard Sale/Junkin on Fri/Sat and got some wooden goodies to refinish and some great olde antiques to resell!!! Most items were only $1.00 and the most paid was $10.00 for a 1800's basket. Got an olde sewing table that my husband has already refinished to sell which we paid a whopping $3.00 for!

Lots of Good Junk 
Breadboards, wooden spoons, one piece wooden rolling pin, spoon keeps, olde graters, a crock, depression ware, McCoy, Shawnee and Hull pottery, strainers, coffee grinder, an olde wooden shoe shine box, etc, etc,etc.
Lots of good junk to resell!!!
 I got this old wire pie carrier at a yard sale for .50 cents and well I am keeping it.  Looks great with my gray granite ware pie plates and just love it's simplicity!

We headed up north to Lake Erie Area for a few days and visited Historic Lyme Village in Bellevue, OH and then off to Put in Bay and had a great time. I may have to post a few pics!
Until next time-Have a Great Week!!!


colonialhomestead said...

You sure got some really great pieces. I would have a hard time parting with them myself.

Benita said...

Wow ~ you found a lot of wonderful treasures Paula at great prices !! Congratulations on doing so good in your booth, your hubby is making some great things !! Love the amish pictures too, sure wish I lived closer......I still want some shoofly pie : )

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Hi Paula, you got some really good junk!! I would love to go junkin in your neck of the woods. I never find a bargain, guess because good "junk" is scarce in this area. Loved all the pics and your booth looks great. I could go shopping there. 8-) Have a great day!1

Paula-Pieces from the Past said...

Thanks gals-I just love old stuff!!! I will probably have a hard time parting with some of the stuff. A lot of the real old stuff came from a Barn sale. The fellow that had this stuff bought out an old antique store in West Virginia. There was actually a lot more I wish I would have bought. Went back the next day and it was gone :(

Wish you could make a trip here Benita!!!

southern cookbook said...

Wow, Paula looks like you found some nice pieces! I am glad you had fun. I love shopping like that. I am in with the old and out with the new! Lol


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