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Monday, July 5, 2010

The New Booth and the Rotten Weekend :(

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th. I worked the weekend (Fri, Sat and Sun.) and it was far from perfect and it could be erased for all I care. While I was working, my husband and boys moved some of his wooden goods and my old goods to the Berlin Craft Mall on Friday.
I pulled all my old goods out of my booth at the local Antique Mall and now they are here mingled in with his wooden wares.
They did an awesome job decorating it on Friday!

We headed up there again today to bring a few more goods.
We ended up going to Spies Farms Antiques  which is a cool barn filled with antiques, primitives and old furniture. The folks that own it were very nice and they told us that they get most of their items from auctions.  I found out they even have a blogspot..........cool!!!
 The Civil War Era  Barn
at Spies Farms
Click on the link to view their blog

We ended up buying an old enamel top table for only $37 to use in our booth. 
It is the white one in the pictures below.
Usually when we head to Amish Country, no day is complete without stopping at a local eatery. We had lunch at Dutch Valley Restaurant in Sugarcreek, OH and it was really yummie as usual!
Our Booth Pics

Despite the rotten weekend at work, I did get to enjoy some Fireworks Sunday night with the family and got a few funky pictures! 
It was very nice to spend Sunday night and Monday with my family!
After long days at work it really makes you appreciate coming home to your family !
Funky Firework Pics

Prim Blessings
Have a Nice Week


Benita said...

Your booth looks great Paula !! What a great deal on your enamel top table & your hubby makes great things! I'm glad you got to eat at your favorite Amish restaurant again ~ I would LUV to go there !!
Hope this weekend is better for you !

Angi at drakestone primitives country cabin said...

hi paula
just stopped by and love your blog.following now..your booth looks fab and your hubby is very talented.. :0)


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