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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer is Flying By

Well I have not been blogging much lately or been on any of those social networks much either. Lots of things going on this Summer and just keeping busy with life.
My oldest son started band camp and has been real busy with that and my youngest son has been busy being a little boy......fishing and always playing hard as little boys will do!!!
We have been doing really well at our booth at the Craft Mall and very happy about that. The weather has been really nice here and very hot like a lot of this great nation. Been making a lot of trips up to Holmes county in the Amish country which is always a fun time!!!

Some Amish Photos taken along the way!
Beautiful Simple Amish Home
Some Amish Wheat Shocks
An Amish School House--Doughty Valley School
Another Amish School House--Possum Valley School

The Berlin Craft Mall Picnic at Schrocks Amish Farm and Village

The Picnic-lots of good food-Grilled chicken, potatoes, fresh green beans with ham, an awesome salad, home baked pies and fellowship..........and Johnny Schrock playing some bluegrass!

Some Photos at the Farm

The Amish Home
The Quilt Barn
The Goat that I thought liked me???
But he was really just fascinated with my camera and wanted to eat it!!!
He really liked my kids better!!!
The very homely llama-That is his 2 bottom teeth sticking up!!! One ear up and one ear down--Poor Guy!!!
Ryan and Kyle on the train
The deserted flower bed along the train route.........Notice the weird orb above it???

My guys

Well I have been busy and I am flat out tired!
Bailey Kitty Relaxing

Hope you all are enjoying your Summer!!! Blessings and hope your week is going great!!!

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Benita said...

Hi Paula ~ I've missed you!! But I'm glad that you're having fun and enjoying the summer with your boys! I love amish country, I wish I lived closer. I sure could use some good ole amish home cookin about now !! Eat plenty for me and have some shoofly pie too ok ?!!


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