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Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Findings

It was another beautiful day today and we had to drive to Kent State University in New Philadelphia, Ohio. My oldest son is planning on taking post-secondary classes next year during his Junior year in High School.. He had to go there today and take a required test for admission called the Compass test. He is very serious about starting college courses next year so we are behind him all the way and hey it will cut down on college costs so me and his dad are all for that.

The test was to last approximately 2 hours so we had to kill some time.........so I talked my husband into heading to the very big antique mall in New Philadelphia. There are approximately 65,000 square feet of antiques there!!! Well you know I am bound to find some stuff there :)  Here is a link to a description of that mall:

 Of course I will share my findings..........Love old quilts and found me an awesome one with lots of intricate stitching for only $30.00!!! Also found a butter crock made by Pfaltzgraff and a simple old brown crock. I love old crocks and can always find something to put in them!!!

That is all I have for now and until next time.........
Prim Blessings


Benita said...

I love all your new goodies Paula, that quilt is very pretty & the crocks are cute too !!
Good luck with Kyle's tests, what a smart son you have there !

Firecrackerkid said...

Oh congratulations to your son. Time flys when you're in a craft mall.
Thanks for entering my giveaway. Good to emeet you and Lots a luck!


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