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Monday, May 10, 2010

Remembering Grandma

Mother's Day has just passed but brought back memories of my wonderful Grandma Flora (Bible) Howe


My Grandma Flora and her twin sister Flossie
My Grandma is the one on the right.
Picture taken in 1912 when they were 17 years old

~So pretty~

I love the way they dressed back then!!!


The picture above is where Grandma and Grandpa Howe raised their family; my Mom (Marjorie), her 3 sisters (Laura Ann, Arline,Thelma) and their brother (George).

My Mom and her sisters moved on with their lives and families and Grandpa passed on before I was born. My uncle George did not marry and stayed there with Grandma.

I will always remember the visits to Grandma's house. We lived about an hour and half away from Grandma's so we did not get there as often as I would have liked but when we did go I couldn't wait. She lived up a big hill in a very quaint country house that my great-grandfather built. I can still remember the wonderful smells of that country house....Grandma's cooking and baking, the smell of fresh coffee percolating, the fragrant smell of the flowers blooming in her beautiful flower garden.....right down to the smell of the sweet soap Grandma used.

It is funny how you remember these things.

Grandma always made us feel welcome. Grandma was a very quiet lady but always kept busy and never grumbled. She was the best cook around and she had an awesome green thumb. She had a knack of making the best pie crust and she also loved to sew. I feel like a lot of these qualities have been passed on to me even though I could never compare and pie crust........well forget it!!! I am still very blessed to have such a wonderful heritage and wonderful Grandma!!!
She passed away when I was only in my early 20's but her memory will live on forever.

~My Beautiful Grandma Flora (Bible) Howe~
19 years old
Picture taken Jan 12, 1915

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Benita said...

Your grandmother was a very beautiful lady Paula and you are so lucky to have many great memories of her. I can see that you have taken after her in many ways and she would be very proud of you : )
Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories with us !!
Love ~


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